FREE Eyre's Strategic Plan identified that the majority of farms and rural service businesses on the Eyre Peninsula derive their main revenue source from grain, an industry that has undergone significant changes in recent times, including deregulation and foreign ownership.

While grain marketing initiatives are an integral focus of the company, FREE Eyre continues to broaden its sphere with successful business ventures into storage, energy, fertiliser, rural insurance and wool marketing.

Investigating the establishment of new grain handling, exporting and value adding infrastructure projects remains one of our core mandates.  We actively engage with various proponents of proposed infrastructure projects for the Eyre Peninsula. We believe that a breakthrough here is a critical component to addressing the ever -increasing supply chain costs borne by grain producers.

In an effort to mitigate the geographical risk faced by focusing our business activities on just one region, FREE Eyre now also actively offers its suite of products and services to farmers across South Australia.

Whilst our roots remain with the Eyre Peninsula, this geographical expansion of the business will assist in meeting critical mass for many of our initiatives, ultimately benefiting shareholders and the broader rural community.

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