All initiatives undertaken by FREE Eyre are done so in accordance with our guiding philosophies. These principles govern certain parameters including choice of business, industry, partners, transparency, company structure, shareholding and dividends.

Choice of Industry: 

FREE Eyre will only investigate and ultimately invest in agribusiness related pursuits that add value to its shareholders' businesses.

Choice of Business:

FREE Eyre will only pursue and invest in areas of agribusiness where there is a lack of competition or market failure. It will not invest in order to compete with regional businesses.


FREE Eyre's model of business development is via co-investment with like-minded business partners who bring expertise, experience, strategic and financial capital to projects.

Maximum shareholding:

A person or business may not be entitled to more than 5% of the issued ordinary shares in the company. Shareholders desire that their company is principally grower / agribusiness owned and controlled.


The guiding philosophy of the company is to share company profits between shareholders and additional value adding investments and opportunities for the farming community.

Company Structure:

FREE Eyre is an unlisted public company, operating under the Corporations Act. It is not a co-operative, charity nor a good-will society.  It is a commercially driven company and all investments are made for purely commercial and strategic reasons.


The founders of FREE Eyre determined that the company operates with the openness, transparency and inclusion that is expected in rural communities.

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