FREE Eyre and Michell wool supply chain partnership

F.E. Fibre was formed in partnership with Michell Pty Ltd, the iconic South Australian family owned wool processing business and one of the few remaining Australian wool manufacturing companies. This partnership broadens the portfolio of FREE Eyre’s 475 shareholders and clients throughout the EP and rural SA. The partnership has resulted in an extremely competitive alternative means for Eyre Peninsula’s wool growers to market their wool clip.

Wool remains an integral component of many Eyre Peninsula farming operations, contributing in excess of $50 million to the regional economy. As such, wool marketing and its supply chain is a logical area for us to investigate on behalf of the farming sector in an effort to reduce costs and add competition.  As with all FREE Eyre operations, selecting a partner who shares the same strategic reasons for being in business, that is taking control and adding value, is paramount. Michell, as an iconic, family owned South Australian manufacturer committed to the prosperity of the rural sector is extremely well aligned with the core values of FREE Eyre. Through our partnership with Michell we are able to offer Eyre Peninsula growers extremely competitive wool marketing and value adding services”

F.E. Fibre, through its partnership with Michell’s Direct Wool division, offers a variety of wool marketing options, whilst stripping away many of the traditional wool broking cost structures.

Upon consigning and transporting a grower’s wool to the Michelle plant in Salisbury, Michell can offer a direct price for any suitable untested wools (usually cardings) for direct mill processing, or can be tested and sold via the traditional auction or the electronic auction - Wooltrade. Michell also offers forward price contracts for those interested in risk management. It’s so easy for growers to use with minimum hassle and lower marketing costs which we achieve through minimising overhead expenses.

Please call FREE Eyre on 1300 FREE EYRE (1300 373 339) or Michell Direct (1300 470 655)

The three easy steps for taking advantage of this low cost wool marketing are:

Simply register with Michell, then consign your wool to the Michelle wool store at Salisbury.Finally, send your classer’s specification to Michell’s office

FE Fibre will ensure all clients are up to date with the latest wool market information which you will receive via a weekly email. You will also have direct access to Michell staff if you have any queries.

FE Fibre is modern day wool broking with efficient and cost effective wool transactions dealing directly with a processor and exporter.

FEL / Michell Shearing Stationary proforma


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