FREE Eyre staff and directors have spent considerable time reflecting on where the grain marketing ‘industry’ is, how it is evolving, who the key players are (now and in the future) and how our Free Eyre Grain business can best position itself to add the greatest value to our shareholders and clients.

Today, Free Eyre's primary business activities are focused on bringing a professional, reliable and value-adding grain marketing service to South Australian growers.


We do this via our Four Pillars:



Tailored Information Services

There is more information than ever available today for grain growers. Even from a quick Google search and you can find out that there was a frost overnight in Kansas or when Saudi Arabia’s next wheat tender is.

“But what does this mean for me?”

Profarmer Australia: An independent data and analytics business that offers three levels of subscription.

  • The Free Profarmer Package lets you know where the market is, by allowing you access to the Profarmer Grain website, where you are able to see the best bids at your silo and chart 3 months of daily indicative bids. FREE
  • The Standard Profarmer Package helps you to put today’s value in context. This package allows you access to the website and iPhone and iPad apps, where you can search all merchant bids at your silo and chart 24 months of daily indicative bids. You will also receive a mid-market update each afternoon and an SMS with the best daily bids of the day. $497 + GST
  • The Premium Profarmer Package helps you to decide what to sell, when to sell and how. This package includes the Standard Package, plus the Morning Market Insights emailed each morning that summarises overnight international news, as well as the Weekly Strategy Newsletter every Wednesday evening that discusses price influences, selling tactics and makes recommendations. $789 + GST

Want to sign up to Profarmer Australia? Click HERE

 Tagline2Market Check: The largest and oldest independent grower advisory company on the East Coast of Australia. Market Check has been helping growers improve their farm gate returns for over 22 years, through superior market analysis and the use of sophisticated marketing tools.

  • Gaining membership allows you access to Market Check’s in depth market analysis, ongoing education and the coveted ‘Market Check Strategy’. A 12 month membership includes strategy updates (for wheat, barley, canola and pulses), access to the member's online dashboard, the mobile app, exclusive seminars in your local area and weekly video updates. $1450 + GST
  • Market Check also offer tailored, full service marketing strategies. To find out more about this service, please call Free Eyre on 1300 303 339.

Want to sign up to Market Check Membership? Click HERE



Online Grain Broking - Clear Grain Exchange

 “I now have all the information I need and I am ready to make a selling decision”

One method of selling is via the online grain trading platform that is CGX. CGX is a unique and innovative online marketplace that connects grain sellers to grain buyers and helps to facilitate the sale.  The online exchange environment is both independent and secure, with automatic contract generation and settlement with very fast payments.

  • Set an offer price for your warehoused grain and the extensive list of grain buyers (over 230 registered across Australia) will be alerted.
  • When your offer is matched and accepted, a contract will be created and processed through CGX’s secure settlement facility.
  • You transfer your grain only after it’s traded – not before.
  • You retain title of your grain until the buyer has paid and you receive payment all within 7 business days.

Need a hand in utilising the CGX platform? At Free Eyre we are here to act on your behalf on the platform to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Prefer to do it yourself? You can also simply register your CGX account with Free Eyre, with no additional cost when you trade your grain. This way, we can act as a second pair of eyes and monitor your offers if you are busy in the paddock and alert you to any relevant activity.

You can download the CGX/Free Eyre linking registration form HERE




Personalised Grain Broking - Free Eyre Broking

"At the request of shareholders and clients, this arm of the business was successfully launched in November 2015 and since that time, we have seen many growers from across SA utilize this service."

The Free Eyre Broking service allows you to speak to a Free Eyre Representative about your grain sales for a more personalised level of service when selling your grain. Although we are not licensed to offer advice, we are here for you to discuss the local and international grain markets with and act as a sounding board while you work through the decision making process.

We are able to successfully match sellers to key exporters and domestic end users in-house, whom we are dealing with on a day to day basis. This is often through premium ‘Off Sheet Bids’ provided to Free Eyre exclusively Once the sale is brokered, we can also complete any transfers required (within Viterra) or arrange logistics if selling into the delivered markets.

We are happy to discuss parcels of wheat, barley and canola.

  • For growers based on the Eyre Peninsula, please call Tess Walch on 0407 488 677 or email [email protected]
  • For growers based in Eastern SA, please call Mark Rodda on 0417 414 123 or email [email protected]

You can also download Free Eyre's Authorised Representation Form HERE.




Market Check Managed Programs

"I just want someone proven and trusted to take care of the marketing for me."

As from July 2016, Free Eyre has become an agent for Market Check’s Managed Programs in South Australia. These products are in their sixth year and boast an exceptional track record in this space. Market Check are the largest independent grower advisory business in Eastern Australia and have been operating for almost 23 years.

Market Check operate pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest managed programs, which carry a heavy emphasis on the use of sophisticated hedging tools such as swaps and options to ensure the best possible farm gate returns for growers. Market Check also pride themselves on providing flexible payment terms to all participants.

You can download the brochure HERE.

To find out more on how utilising one of these managed programs can work for your business, please contact Tess Walch on the Eyre Peninsula or Mark Rodda in Eastern SA.




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