The Clear Grain Exchange is an online market for trading warehoused physical grain and forward contracts. By completing this form you are authorising FREE Eyre Limited to represent your grain selling interests via the exchange if you wish. This includes the ability for an approved FREE Eyre Limited employee to offer your grain via the exchange on your behalf, at your instructions.



"Enjoy a complementary ProFarmer Australia Premium Membership (up until 18 Dec 2015) when you create a free Clear Grain Exchange account!"

"What am I committing to? Creating an account on the CGX simply means we are ready when you are if you wish to use the exchange to trade your grain.
Got questions? Give us call."

Registration Instructions:

Please complete and submit the following registration details and we will create your personalised Clear Grain Exchange (CGX) account. (Please note, there is no cost for creation of your CGX account and it does not oblige you to market any grain through the Clear Grain Exchange).

Please register the above NGR numbers with the Clear Grain Exchange, link my Clear grower account the FREE Eyre Limited and authorise Free Eyre Limited to represent my grain selling interests via the Clear Grain Exchange.

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It is the responsibility of FREE Eyre Limited to disclose any fees that they receive and that are associated with transacting client’s grain on the Clear Grain Exchange as a result of this agreement.

The rights of an Authorised Representative are outlined in Clear’s terms and conditions under clause 1.2  -Registration. You can view the Clear Grain Exchanges Terms and Conditions at

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