I think we live in the greatest community anyone could hope for. We found out first hand in 2011/-2012 when we had complications with Henry's birth. There was never a lack of support, both financially and emotionally and we are still receiving that support today which we will be forever grateful for.


It’s Farmer Friday! MEET Tim Larwood from Buckleboo, EP!

Tim farms with his parents, Jack and Deb, workman, Adam, partner, Dani and three kids, Saxon, Mercedes and Henry.

“We run a self-replacing merino flock of 1000 ewes who are mated with the rams at Karawatha Park (we are lucky enough to be neighbours!) We produce export oaten hay, vetch hay, wheat and barley. We are also planning to get onto the lentils train next year.”

Tim loves the constant evolution of technology and the variety that being a farmer brings.

“I can't imagine doing anything else! I thrive on the day to day tasks and planning from year to year. However, I don’t enjoy the uncertainty when it comes to the weather. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that there's no point getting stressed about something you can't control!”

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