We are also grateful to have our part-time workman, Adam, helping us with our farming operations. He plays an important role in our business and carries out his work with professionalism and reliability. During harvest, we also usually get a few more casual staff to help keep things ticking along.


It’s Farmer Friday! MEET Ben Pratt from Mid North, SA!

Ben, with his parents, Kev and Mardi, and workman, Adam, run the Pratt property near Blyth. They crop over a range of soil types from sandy loams to red clays.

“We have sown wheat, barley, and lentils with a little multi-species hay on our less productive soils. This is all undertaken on a Controlled Traffic Farming systems whilst retaining all stubble in a bid to improve soil health long term.”

Ben feels lucky to have his parent’s support and encouragement for his passion of Agriculture.

“I lived in town and enrolled in Uni straight after boarding school. Last year, I completed a Bachelor of Ag Science at the University of Adelaide. I am now currently splitting my time between farming and completing a Science Honours. My honours thesis is focused on GIS mapping utilising historic satellite NDVI imagery to create more dynamic management zones to be used for Variable rate inputs.”

In a small town like Blyth, there are two things to talk about: farming and football.

"I love being involved with the local footy club and the comradery that comes with it. It’s great not only being involved in the team, but as a club and community as a whole. We see people from all types of backgrounds working towards a common goal.”

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