A lot of studs are looking at genetics and trying to push boundaries which is good for the industry.

It’s Farmer Friday! MEET Luke Ramsay from the Yorke Peninsula.

The fifth generation of his family farmin the Warooka district of YP, it’s not surprising Luke’s career path is focused on agriculture. However, it took a gap year of seeding, harvesting and shearing for Luke to cement his decision to build a career on the farm.

“It was while I was working in shearing sheds around the area that I discovered I really loved farming,” he says.

“I’m thinking I’d like to find work in the livestock industry, perhaps in a consultancy role.”

Now in his third year of an Agricultural Science degree with Adelaide University, Luke is well on his way. Luke is president of his University’s Agriculture Students Association and is also making a great name for himself within the industry by taking on plenty of opportunities to increase his knowledge and networks over the past few years.

In a unique learning experience, Luke went to Sydney last year as part of a team competing in the National Merino Challenge. More recently, he undertook work experience with the University of Western Australia, where he helped out with AI and feedlotting trials testing various pellet mixes.

When he’s not gallivanting around Australia or studying in Adelaide, you’ll find Luke back on his family’s farm or shearing local sheep!

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