Farming is a paradox: an apparently simpler way of life, yet at the same time a complex, intricate balancing act where no two seasons are the same.

It’s Farmer Friday! MEET Jessamy Bennett from the Wimmera/Mallee region of Victoria.

On a farm west of the tiny town of Birchip, Jessamy’s family do dryland cereal cropping of wheat, barely, peas and canola; also attached to the business is a piggery. Jessamy’s decision to stick with agriculture makes her the 4th generation of Bennetts from the area directly involved in the industry.

However, her career path really began when she swapped the rural life for university in the city.

“I left Birchip where talking about the weather was more natural then breathing, to the bright lights of Adelaide to study Agriculture science.”

“Upon graduating this year, I plan to relocate to Naracoote to take up a career in research agronomy, and engage in plenty of ‘discussion’ with Dad on what it takes to grow good malt grade barley.”

What Jessamy loves most about her community is that the township “don’t consider size a barrier to anything. There is a ‘it’s worth a shot’ attitude to life instilled in the locals.”


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