I believe my time at university will put me in the position to be a leader in agriculture—learning from industry leaders is a priceless experience.
It’s Farmer Friday! MEET Royce Pitchford from Echunga, SA.
Spending his childhood holidays working with sheep on his grandparents’ farm, Royce cemented his passion for agriculture at a young age
Now, alongside his uncle Brenton Lush’s Corriedale and Poll Dorset stud, Corriedale Hills, Royce manages his own stud of 40 ewes and young rams. This is an enterprise he begun at just 14!
In fact, Royce is something of a young achiever, with experience competing (and placing!) in a variety of sheep and wool competitions.
His enthusiasm certainly made an impact on AgriFutures Australia, who awarded him their Horizon Scholarship in 2015. Sponsored by Australian Wool Innovation, this award is designed to support young agriculturalists through undergraduate study, while providing valuable career development
An Agricultural Science graduate with the University of Adelaide, Royce is keen to develop the knowledge and skills he needs to forge an innovative career in his chosen industry.
In this regard, he says, “networking is key”. “It allows me to create contacts and links with industry leaders and other scholars.”
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