It’s great knowing that the work I do will end up benefitting other people. Whether that’s other researchers using the outcomes of my work in their own field trials, or farmers benefitting from improved wheat varieties bred with the help of the technologies I’m investigating.

It’s Farmer Friday! MEET James Walter, a PhD student at the University of Adelaide.

After finishing his degree in Agricultural Science, James worked in the research field for a year before deciding to pursue an interest in technology—specifically, how new technologies can be used to improve the life of farmers. 

The research James is now undertaking has to do with how remote sensing technologies (like cameras and laser scanners) can improve the ways we collect data in wheat breeding trials.

“To do this I work closely with wheat breeders from Australian Grain Technologies and use an imaging boom mounted on a tractor to collect images and 3D laser scan data from wheat plots,” James says.

“The idea is to use these technologies to increase the number of plots we can measure, but also to measure characteristics that are too labour intensive to do manually.”

James hopes that an analysis of this data will allow wheat breeders to make better choices; ultimately producing improved wheat varieties for farmers to grow. 

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