My job enables me to try and give back to an industry that has given me so much. I enjoy the challenges my job throws up and working with people who are passionate about agriculture. Our local farming community is incredible as we all help each other out and provide support where we can. I'm fortunate to have had such great mentors and friends who have taught me so much.





It’s Farmer Friday! MEET the Hull family from Minnipa! Jake and Steph Hull, with their children Finlay (9) and Elisha (7) live and manage the Minnipa Ag Centre. Jake and the Minnipa Ag Centre farm staff (Wade Shepperd and John Kelsh) work in conjunction with research staff at MAC, EPARF board and SARDI. They crop around 700ha and also run 400 head of self-replacing Merino ewes. “We grow new wheat, barley and legume varieties as required by seed companies. We run demonstration trials in broad-acre crops and pastures too.”

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