State Government Funds available to SA Farmers

We are writing to inform and encourage you to apply for the State Government’s
“Regional Capability Community Fund (RCCF)”

The RCCF contributes to the purchase of items for farmers to more safely and effectively respond to local emergencies and further support community volunteers.

The total grant fund this year is $470,000 and these funds are offered on a shared contribution basis.

 The Eyre Peninsula has been nominated as a Priority 1 Region for these funds.

You can apply for up to half of the (GST exclusive) purchase price of eligible items to a maximum of $2,500.

What can farmers apply for?
Items that enhance community capability in fire, flood, extreme weather and other emergencies.  Among other things:

  • Large water storage tanks with interoperable couplings
  • High volume water transfer pumps
  • Farm fire units
  • Personal protective clothing & equipment

FREE Eyre and our water storage solution Maxiplas, want to help your farm and in turn, your community with your application for 2 x 22,500L water tanks, with CFS recommended fittings at the competitive price of $5,000 – delivered to your property.

In an effort to give you the best chance of success we invite you to submit the attached diagram with your application to demonstrate that you have a firm quote for a water storage system that would be capable of being accessed to respond to community emergencies.

Our enquiry with the State Government agency overseeing these funds indicates that famers who have a very clear and compelling case set out in the “risk factors unique to your property” in Section 4 of the application form will have the best chance of receiving funds.

It is not often that the government offers us funds for assets that are useful for our own farms and the wider community, so we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity.

We remain ready to help you and your application – please don’t hesitate to call and please see attached the formal Application Information and Form to complete.


The FREE Eyre Team
Mark Rodda:     0417 414 123
Matt Lewis:    0400 874 137
Ben Harfield:     0448 011 712

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