The FREE Eyre Founders

FREE Eyre's founders remain passionate that the company be grounded in the community to ensure an alignment of goals between shareholders, the board and management. The company has successfully managed this and continues to go from strength to strength in taking control and returning value to the rural community.


The FREE Eyre Board

FREE Eyre has invested in an experienced Board with proven agricultural capabilities, strong corporate governance and expertise in strategic business planning. The experienced team works diligently to ensure the company follows its guiding philosophies in returning value to the community.


The FREE Eyre Management Team

FREE Eyre is committed to employing the very best people for the job and this is reflected in the expertise of our management team.This expertise enables the company to capably manage business ventures of all dimensions while continually investigating strategic future business opportunities.


Corporate Governance

FREE Eyre has adopted corporate governance policies which are designed to encourage Directors to focus their attention on accountability, risk management and ethical conduct.


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